Amazement at the vision created through training. A group of people are standing together holding hands against the Milky Way in the mountains.

What our clients say

Amazement at the vision created through training. A group of people are standing together holding hands against the Milky Way in the mountains.

“Thank you Mary for Friday’s workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and although I wondered if I was out of my depth in that room,  I left a session with you once again in awe of both the process and the outcome.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Your ability to draw together all voices,  give them all a chance to speak, unpack and then leave in shared agreement just amazes me. Your confidence and efficiency gives everyone in the room confidence to trust the process and is key to its success I’m sure.
I’m passionate about the potential of the COL, & also flabbergasted by the enormity of, and the resulting success of, the process involved in creating a culture and bringing us all together.  Amazing!”

Lisa Sanson
Business owner and entrepreneur
Gore, NZ

“Great facilitator – really learned to disconnect ego from outcome. Lab has an amazing ability to leave ego at the door.”

James MacDonald 
Brand Strategist & Director @ 39 Degrees 
Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, NZ

“The whole process has become a defining time for our business. Both Lab and Mary were engaging speakers and all staff respected their message and directions. They made the process an enjoyable experience. I fully recommend this process to any organization that is looking for a way forward and unifying their staff.”

“The team came up with a shared vision for our business that everyone had a say in creating.” This has created ownership for everyone involved.”

“Some clear rules to work by, our core values were agreed by all staff.”

Greg Hall
CEO, Energy Vets Taranaki.

“I really enjoyed the seminar, particularly the afternoon session. Having all those competitors in one room was a fairly unique situation I would suggest; you handled that dynamic very professionally.”

“I like the fact that you have a relaxed presentation style but still manage to maintain audience control.”

“You’re right up there as a facilitator, great job.”

Blair Loveridge
Australasian Clinical Research Manager, Ancare Scientific

“I have co-presented with Lab Wilson on many occasions over the past few years.
A credible speaker who quickly gets the attention and respect of his audiences. His integrity, work ethic and standards are among the highest I have encountered.”

“Lab is exceptionally good in workshop situations where participation is high and people can ask questions and raise issues that concern them.”

Ian Brookes
International Business Consultant and Author

“Nine months into the process, I now look back at how far we have come as individuals and as a company and cannot believe the impact John, Mary and the team have had on us.”

“The shared vision process has given us clear understanding of where we are going as a company, and what our core values are. This is easy to dismiss when it is drafted by a handful of managers, but it is a powerful statement when 50 of your staff created it and believe in it.”

“The tangible results we have seen are a dramatic improvement in staff engagement, empowerment and retention.”

Robin Dickie
General Manager, Web Drive Ltd

“We’ve had a great couple of days. Day 2 was powerful, challenging and engaging. I really liked the structure of the training – looking at principles then building to practicalities then personal commitment from attendees then finishing with an inspirational theme. Thank you.”

Sandra Cox
Finance and Customer Service Manager, Lienert Australia

“This fresh perspective allowed us to crystallise what our key functions are and helped us to focus on our prime objectives.  We’ve ended up with a truer vision and a more focused strategic plan with clearer and more achievable action points. A refreshing and most enjoyable approach.”

Virginia Williams
Chair, National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee

“Lab, Thank you very much for your efforts earlier this week. We really achieved what I was hoping/imagining we could achieve. We certainly could not have done it without you. My own experience and that of others that has come through confirm that this was a very successful training session. Well done.”

Trevor Cook

“Hi Lab, Another great session that got everyone talking. Some good ideas that were captured and awaiting further development and release.”
Thanks again.”

Lloyd Kirby
Partner, RSM New Zealand.

“Communication of technical concepts has to be undertaken correctly in an industry where too often a good idea is lost for want of the salesperson not being in the position to enhance the customer’s understanding of what the product will do.”

“I was impressed with Lab’s obvious desire to understand more about our business before he suggested any programme design.”

“I firmly believe that the learning involved will allow my own company’s product offering, and that too of anybody who shares in Lab’s programme, to be further enhanced by adding value in terms of customers being taught to become successful  and as a result loyalty and customer retention can only profit. “

Matthew Smith
General Manager, Alltech NZ

“The design and facilitation of the programme was innovative, highly effective and a welcome advance from the way training of this kind is traditionally done.”

“The face-to-face sessions were delivered with a great deal of enthusiasm and positivity that deservedly culminated in high praise from both the trainees, and the rural retailer involved.”

“Mr Wilson’s ability to connect with the trainees and hold their concentration during at times weighty topics appeared effortless.”

Catriona Gardner
Product Manager, Bayer Animal Health

“Dear Mary, Thank you to yourself and Lab for all that you delivered for the convention – strong leadership, clear voice, from you both.”

Dr John Edwards
Learning Consultant to NZ Sport, Connecting Coaches Convention 2015

“What was delivered went beyond our expectations and experience. Working with Lab has been an edifying experience for us.”

“It has been reassuring and enjoyable to have Lab available to guide us through the process and we have built a healthy respect and trust in his knowledge of the field of education and adult learning.”

Peter Pulford
Marketing Manager, Virbac  Animal Health NZ

“Lab was able to facilitate and draw on the experiences of the group to demonstrate or emphasise the points he wished to make.”

Gavin Shepherd, CEO, Vetfocus

“A confident relaxed presenting style ensured that the accreditation trainings were an unqualified success”

Colin McKay
Technical Services Manager, Novartis NZ Ltd

“Dear Lab, Thank you for your efforts at the EA sales team meeting. I have spoken to the team and your input helped them greatly improve their questioning techniques and therefore improve the outcome of the sales calls.”

Greg Roberts
Managing Director, Ethical Agents

“Dear Lab, Just thought I would drop you a quick note to thank you for all your efforts with our recent sales event.  I was very pleased to see the way the session went and to listen to come of the comments from the team – I am sure that both you and I now truly see that they do “get it” and that the practical examples they gave demonstrate that even though they may not realise it completely, they are at least using the Customers As Learners programme in their everyday approach.”

Matthew Smith
General Manager, Alltech NZ