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The Adventure of Growing your Small Business.

Monday 30 April 2018 was the day ‘Bats’ doubled in size as I joined Lab to work full time in Bats. This was a joyous day as it had been in the pipeline for many years, however not without considerable thought about such things as generating revenue and cashflow.  This is one of the key challenges of small business. On the flip side one of the key benefits of being a small owner/operator company is we can really listen to each client and identify their needs, design totally bespoke ...

Lost Opportunities

The greatest resource any organisation has is the knowledge that resides in it's people and yet it is perhaps the most under-utilised. A

There is only ONE Customer Experience that Really Matters

The one thing that customers want above everything else is to succeed. So whatever else we do we must ensure their success with our product or service. They will likely forgive us many things so long as they taste the sweet hormone rush of succeeding at what they were trying to do in the first place. Intuitively we know this and the latest avalanche of neuroscience confirms it. In his book The Winner Effect, cognitive neuroscientist Ian Robertson offers the summary, “Success and failure ...